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Speedy Custom is an end-to-end solution for custom product manufacturers.

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Mockup Generator & Job Management

Job Management System Features & Benefits

1. Secure User Access

Only registered users can create quotes, ensuring secure and exclusive access to features.

2. Design Visualization

Integrated image uploader supports JPEG & PNG. System optimizes viewing and auto-corrects image orientation.

3. User-friendly Form Submission

Organized entry for product and company details with instant feedback upon quote creation.

4. Unique Quote Identifier

Each quote gets a distinctive reference, avoiding mix-ups and ensuring easy tracking.

5. Secure Image Storage

Integration with AWS S3 guarantees that uploaded images are stored securely for easy retrieval.

6. Auto Quote Key Generation

System generates a unique 20-character identifier for each new quote, ensuring individuality.

7. Image Optimization

Images are automatically compressed without losing quality. Includes a feature to ensure correct image orientation.

8. Cloud Integration for Images

Seamless AWS integration allows direct uploading of product designs to the cloud.

9. Efficient Error Handling

Clear alerts are given for any issues, ensuring transparency and a positive user experience.

10. Comprehensive Quote Management

A streamlined platform for creating, submitting, and managing custom product quotes.

How does it all work? Check out our tutorial!

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Get products to market fast.

Simply select the item you wish to design, upload your overlay image, and adjust its parameters according to your needs. The user-friendly design makes it straightforward and quick to create compelling product mockups.

Mockup Generator & Job Management
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FAQ: Custom Product Mockup Generator and Management System

1. What is the custom product mockup generator?

Our custom product mockup generator is an innovative system that allows product creators and decorators to visualize and showcase their design ideas in real-time on a specific product. This interactive tool lets you upload your design, adjust its parameters, and see how it will appear on the chosen item.

2. How do I use the mockup generator?

Simply choose the item you want to design, upload your design or image, and use the provided sliders to adjust its scale, width, and height. The system provides real-time feedback, letting you perfect your mockup on the fly.

3. Can I save and share the mockups I create?

Yes! Once you're satisfied with your design, you can save and download the resulting image to use for presentations, share with customers, or include in your marketing materials.

4. What is the 'Build Quote' feature?

The 'Build Quote' functionality lets you generate a quote for the item you've designed with a single click, streamlining the ordering process.

5. How extensive is the product library in the mockup generator?

Our system interfaces with a vast database of items, offering a diverse array of product options to cater to your design needs.

6. Tell me about the online quote building and management feature.

Our platform provides a seamless process for creating and submitting custom product quotes. It supports various data inputs, instant quote registration, image uploads, and more. Each quote submission also comes with a unique identifier for efficient tracking.

7. How does the retail pricing tool work?

The built-in retail pricing tool suggests a competitive retail price range tailored for each item in your inventory. It provides a clear strategy by showing potential profits under different markup scenarios, from 50% to 500%. This is presented in an easy-to-read table format.

8. How can I track my quotes and invoices?

Our back-end system offers tables highlighting the details of your quotes, active jobs, and invoices. Color-coded rows and status indicators allow for at-a-glance management, ensuring you stay on top of your workflow and finances.

9. What reporting tools are available?

Our system provides a detailed report of all your paid invoices, including the total amount earned from these invoices. There's also a visual chart to help track your sales over time.

10. Why should I choose this system?

Our custom product management system provides a holistic approach to product creation and financial management. It's user-friendly, transparent, and designed to streamline your work process while impressing customers with real-time mockups and clear financial reporting.

11. How can I get started?

You can begin by registering on our platform. From there, you can access all the features and tools to help elevate your product creation and management process. Give it a try today!